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 Mrbonchapeau would like to thank you for checking out his blog. Mrbonchapeau likes talking about himself in third person because,well...it's sounds kinda cool. lol Then again, you can call me Mark.

photographer: Irish Girl

A bit about what I like.
I like a huge variety of music genres, but I'm still new on the block. My favourites are Sons of Korah, Relient K and Switchfoot.  Maybe U2 eventually, but I'm still getting to know them.

I like it when people smile and their wrinkled face tells a history of smiling.

I like when people have character. Sure, people with detailed faces when I'm sketching them without them knowing (I didn't say that). But particularly, I like it when people demonstrate love, kindness, patience. Sadly, we all fail at this point. We need a revolutionary, a leader...someone who will make us better when we can't help ourselves. I firmly believe that person is Jesus.

I like good books. I like campfires with friends--the best conversations happen when fire and marshmellows are involved!
I like good friends. I like thought-provoking quotes. I like this blog.
I like Paper.li and Twitter. I like the sun. I like the maker of the sun.

What I don't like.
Hitting my head on things cos I'm tall! (It happens fairly regularly!)

War. Gossip. Banal and hateful content in conversations, film or written form. Awkward conversations. Sometimes it's worth it though. I don't like it when I pretend to myself that I'm not at fault when I actually am. I hate when I'm trying to justify myself for doing something selfish, because for me, that is ultimately saying Jesus didn't need to die for me. It's saying that doesn't matter. And saying that being bad isn't that bad. I hate that.

Where am I headed.
I would like to be more like Jesus in what I say and do this time next year. I'd like to keep blogging for the rest of my life (or whatever is the new tech way of communicating). I would like to keep asking the big questions my whole life, rather than waiting til I'm about to die. I'd like to build a robot. Write a novel (or two). Learn Portuguese. Read Nietzsche in German, and then write essays on him. I would like to know all the countries and cities in the world. How about you? If you have a blog, why not let me know?

Cheers, Mrbonchapeau

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