Deciphering Her


Hey, Bec?
Hello, who is this?
Jase. I was wondering...wanna come down to The Hangout at Jesters Corner? 
Um, Ok! Sounds great! 
Cool, I'll be there in like half-an-hour, once I've finished my shift.
He slowly walks with her, deliberately bumping into her shoulder as they walk through the shopping complex to The Hangout cafe. She grins, looks at him for a moment before looking away in slight embarrassment. Bec wonders what she is going to be working on tomorrow and when she'll need go to be to wake up at a decent hour. Jason tugs at Bec's jacket and she comes back to reality. 
Dine-in or take-away? 
Dine-in, Jason grins. 
Please take a seat. We'll be over with you shortly. 
Where would you like to sit? Jason asks his sister. 
I don't mind. 
Ok, why don't we sit over on the comfy couches? I love sitting at the corner. 
Ok, she smiles. 
They sit together, giggling about who should sit down first and be squished in the corner. Jason insists that she sit down first. 
She obliges. Bec and Jase drink in the menu with their eyes, wondering what delicatessen chocolate flavours to try. Jason goes potluck and picks the flavour that looks appealing but one that he hasn't tried before. Bec is more hesitant and wonders for a few more minutes, before picking one. Why not order a nice hot peppermint tea to go along with the mini chocolate pieces? Why not, indeed, agrees Bec. 
The waitress nods approvingly and flutters away and rushes back with deliciousness. They enjoy what she brings. Jason bites into half of his pistachio piece and rolls his eyes in part exaggerated humour and part in sensory enjoyment. Bec is more proper, even using her knife to cut the already small piece of almond de chocolate into slivers of goodness. She wants to savour this as long as possible. But, soon enough, both siblings' pieces are gone and so the tea washes down and makes snugly warm.   
Jason leans back and looks into Bec's eyes, lovingly. How's your day been? he mumbles. 
It's been pretty good. 
They sit back contentedly, in the warm of the tea inside them, their similar lapelled jackets and in the presence of good company. They are at ease with each other. Jason jokes that people probably think they are a pair. It's becoming a rare thing these days that siblings get along so well and actually hang out together, he muses. 
She nods slightly and looks across the room, noting the couples, groups of friends and waitresses. It's a packed house tonight. 
Jason looks again at Bec and she looks back. They squint, pretending to suspect the other. It gets more tense, before they both break out laughing. They're looking at each other again. Bec's frowning at his jacket. Jason looks down, worried he's spilt something on it, but she just laughs. 1-0 to me, she thinks. Jason glances quickly to the wall of the room, examining the design. She follows his gaze. Before she knows it, he's seated himself right next to her, swung his head to face hers with noses touching and she's still looking at the wall! Sly. 2-1. Bec pushes him back with a grin, regaining her personal space. He acquiesced and then suddenly started explaining what was on his mind. She nods in agreement at some points, at others crooks her head to one side, listening intently, while at still others she sits back, unmoving. Just when he pauses for a long moment, she leans forward to reach for her cup of tea. It was the wrong moment. Jason raises his head after having been bent down in intent conversation. His forehead and hers connect. It's very clearly 3-1. After recovering, Jason mutters resentfully, it wasn't a competition anyway. 
Pirates or ninjas? Um, pirates, Bec responds.
Cakes or casseroles? Er, cakes of course!
A nice book or a indoor wood fire? Hard one, but probably a good book. 
On a hot day, ice-cream or lemonade? Icecream, of course! Bec sniffs in mocked disgust. How could he not know the answer to that one? Jason enjoys playing this games of sorts, even though he knows the answer most of the time. 
Your turn, he insists.
Pirates or ninjas? Bec asks. Ninjas, cos they're super fit. 
Zucchini or brussels sprouts? Hmm, I'd have to think. Zucchini.
Pride and Prejudice, BBC  or US version? He can't believe she'd ask that. He's technically not supposed to have even watched them.BBC version, of course! They both laugh. They agree on a lot of things and this answer surprises neither of them. The BBC version has had a prominent place in the family's VHS collection for ages.
Fishing or canoeing? Tough one. I think 'fishing'. It is somehow less tiring. They laugh together. Bec looks at the time, Jason not failing to notice. Time to go? he sighs. 
I guess we can stay another 10 minutes.
Sometimes Jason doesn't know if Bec is bored of something or if she is just tired. Perhaps she's thinking of her studies tomorrow already or maybe she just... he doesn't know. He's still learning to read his sister. The next few minutes pass like sand from an hourglass, and they're soon standing, paying, leaving. Jason knows that his sister likes chivalry, so he surprises her with opening her car door for her. She is so surprised and grins the rest of the way home. It's funny how the little things count, he muses as they drive back home.  

Mrplaywrite dedicates this story to his sister. 

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