Three men talk about Loooove

Is Marriage game over?

Ok, I realise there's a bit of Christianese in this video (churchy lingo which is a bit hard to get), so I'll offer a few bits of explanation and then hand it over to you for comments. 

"Typology between marriage and 'Christ and the church'. " This is a fancy way of saying that commitment in marriage actually says something about how Jesus thinks about 'church' (his followers who meet together). What on earth..? Yeah, thought you might ask. Basically, a man and woman when they marry and commit to each other for better or worse are essentially making a promise. Just like Jesus saying to his followers, throughout history, 'I know you are going to mess up, but I'm still going to keep my promises to you.' Jesus made a lot of promises to his disciples (followers), such as 'I will always be with you, I will never forsake you, I am going to prepare a place for you, I will send you a helper...'

"...testifying by our perserverance in covenant [says something about] covenant between Christ and the church." Basically, same idea as above. You're probably thinking by now, why are these guys talking so much about religion? Well, the thing is that their 'God experiences' have shaped and influenced how they 'do marriage'. Commitment is more important than saving face or what's easiest for me. And that's exactly what Jesus did for humanity: staying true when we were indifferent, angry, against him. 

Comments anyone?

1 comment:

Sam said...

Love it.

My little experience with romantic love seems to be an action towards the beloved far more then the feelings that you get back from the beloved.

Don't get me wrong those feelings are good, but love is a lot harder/more then that.

I guess in the same way what Christ did for us ultimately was action not feeling. Sure there are positive feelings from that, but the love is the action on his part and ours.

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