Selena Gomez - Who Says [You're Not Beautiful]

It would be good to see more videos of guys singing about this. Bruno Mars kind of does, with 'Just the Way You Are', however what he really means is belied by the actress he's singing to: she's seductive, is Photoshop-flawless and happens to be really into him. Not to mention he's singing only about her physical attributes--really not helping our culture of image-obsession. James Blunt in 'You are beautiful' sings about an obsession with a girl who's already taken--and guess what? He's only singing about her appearance. 

Guys, let's get out there and sing, talk, 'gossip' (healthy sense of the word) about the great character of girls we know, rather than putting in them in the 'Hot', 'kinda cute' or 'nothing much' boxes.

It's kind of lame if girls have to sing about themselves like Gomez to reaffirm their value, rather than already knowing this due to how people treat them.

Any thoughts? Any vids you've found that are similar in aim to Selena's vid?


Anonymous said...

I really agree with this video, but well, it's difficult to believe her saying so, because as you said, she is flawless in it/

I can't believe I like these kind of songs, which are supposed to be produced for teenagers, aren't they ?

Anonymous said...

Hey thx for the comment :P

I actually was talking about Bruno Mars' song in particular with the 'flawless' comment, but you're totally right, it's true of this video by Gomez too. Pity. She's singing about

Mrbonchapeau said... and acceptance of herself, the way she is, but at the same time she's has spend a good hour with the make-up team beforehand. I'm not saying that this makes it inconsistent though (You can use makeup and still know that physical beauty isn't what defines you) but it can send mixed messages. What's your thoughts?

Cheers, Mrbonchapeau

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