Oh yeah, I've seen a lot of the world, experienced 'It', had lots of stuff and all that. But I'm still looking…I'm still looking for iHappiness.

I thought it was…

Experiencing as much as I can. But I got more than I bargained for.

Living in the moment, kinda like the first one, except this is quality over quantity. Problem is, many a moment isn't precious... or lovely.

Being good and receiving good from others. But bad people killed that dream quick enough. And I suck at being good.

Being the best I can for others. But I couldn't get rid of a couple of habits…

Worker of the year, bringing in the dough and job satisfaction. But the pay was lower than it could have been and I never was voted in for the annual award. :(

Sex. But that was a bit of a let-down. Sex is not what it was all cracked up to be.

Friends. But they let me down.

Relationship with 'the one'. I never found her.

Finding the ultimate experience. I never found one that was perfect, healthy and kept going!

Having the latest thing. iPhone. iPad2.  The latest $500 boots. A Blackberry. Plasma TV. 3D [fill in the blank]. But the problem is, after 6mo. it's not the latest, and now I don't have enough money to buy the next latest thing…arhh!

~signed Mr Disillusioned with search for iHappiness

What is iHappiness? 
Have you found it? Maybe you saw something he missed?

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