French: beer, laziness and language Pt1

It's funny the things you observe when you're in a different culture for the first time. One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Lille, France, was that all the cashiers were seated. From my Australian cultural glasses, this struck me as incredibly lazy. But in retrospect, it must make a world of difference to their backs. It's great from a OHS perspective, but it's funny how much we think something is positive or negative, based on our own cultural background. There's a plethora of little differences between Aussie and French culture which I picked up on early in my student exchange abroad.

Friends and beer

One funny thing about many of my French student friends is that when they chat, they use the same expressions over and over, such as tu vois, en fait, bah oui (or b'oui), par contre  in a repetitiveness that in English would seem to indicate someone is lack vocabulary to express themselves with other synonyms, using variety. However, all the French people whom I've spoken to don't seem to have the slightest problem with this.

Les filles de Paris parlent de banlieue
Alain Bachellier

French make an art out of talking about their own language. It would seem that in France you can't talk enough about the French language. Just start talking about it, and you'd find many a stranger who'd warmly extol the virtues of speaking well. It's becoming less and less surprising when one of the first questions that French ask me is if I'm English, due to my accent. I tell you, I'm becoming unconsciously more and more patriotic, just by the sheer fact that I have to say I'm proudly 'je suis australien' each day.

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