Easter: Chocolate, A Long Weekend, and Spending- Part1

It's Good Friday! Also known as Easter long weekend! How are you going to spend it? For many in our Western world, this time is particularly celebrated for a good excuse to eat lots and lots of chocolate. It's true, right? Kids eyes are like this wide as they excitedly show you all the Easter eggs that they've been given this year. Adults joke self-consciously about how they'll need to up the exercise at the local gym next week to compensate for all the chocolate that they've eaten.

So Easter equals chocolate but it also is a public holiday, a bit of a break, for many. Whether you go away for the weekend or simply enjoy friends or family's company, it's a great time to slow down from our hectic lifestyles, right?

Then again, a workplace survey by RHI announced recently that 58% of Australian office workers check emails and file reports at home, even while on holiday. Will this Easter weekend be different? Perhaps for many Easter actually means missing out on a well-deserved break.

Undoubtably, in this world of commerce, Easter is a spending-fest. Many consumers profit from discount sales around Easter time, and of course companies delightedly encourage the fury of spending.

So those are some of the ways that people will pass this Easter period--but what about you? Maybe in the respite from the rat-race that we all run, maybe it's a chance think, to sit back and reflect?

Maybe it's a time to take stock, to think about life and where you're headed. To think about the significance of things. Why not start with the significance of Easter?

Here is part 2 of my reflections on Easter

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Jesus died on the cross for us to reconcile us to God and rose again on Easter Sunday to prove he was God and could forgive our sins. Good post Mark. Thanks.

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