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Well, here's to a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! To give you, my dear readers, a very very exclusive (well, not really) inside scoop into my upcoming posts, I'll be talking about Christmas in retrospect as well as some reflections as a Gen Y on the 'art' of writing, if it exists. I hope you enjoy and find some bits and pieces that are useful. For the next 2 blogs which come after this one, I'm really looking out for some interaction--so stay tuned!

This blog is mainly a big shout out to my wonderful sponsors (not really hehe) at Dreamstime  who have given almost all the wonderful photos you see on my blogs. All the pics are legit and are found on the 'free' section on this great website. It's a site which has a reasonable photo database of actually decent quality photos. If you're looking for a very specific look / image then sometimes you need to pay a few dollars for it (ranging up to something like $10). I recommend this website for blog pics rather than using Google Images, Flickr or Photobucket because Dreamstime has a nice balance of range and high quality. Also it's hard to determine sometimes if an image is copyrighted, whereas on Dreamstime you can rest assured. 

Speaking of photos, I want to also give a shout out to BlueMelon, a photo-sharing site which offers more privacy control as well as 'personal album' feel than Facebook. Maybe others could comment on their views on Photobucket, Flickr or any other alternatives? BlueMelon offers a variety of ways to share photos with friends, notably by allowing sending links to your album to friends. You could select, for example, that the album is not searchable on the web and a viewer must use the link and this would allow you to be more selective of who in your friend circles sees the pictures. As a double safeguard it is possible to create a password for links which you can then whisper to friends to look top secret. It's a fun game for about 3 minutes, if you make the password really complicated. Alternatively, you could get all your friends together and play Chinese whispers, taking it to the next level. Personally I prefer rescuing damsels in distress and solving questions like 'What will I eat from the fridge today?' But whatever floats your boat. :P

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Anonymous said...

uhuh. Well let me know when ur done. Good on ya mate!

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