A hitchhiker's guide to Lille 3

Bonjour! Je suis your tour guide for the one-and-only university called Charles de Gaulle 3 or (affectionally) just  Lille 3. Please be aware that this will be a whirl wind of a tour as the room numbers are confusing and the buidings seems to be planned by a maze designer. Don't worry though, students and staff alike are almost always very friendly and will go out of their way to help you find your room, or more likely end up as confused as you.

On your right, you see one of the favorite student hotspots: le Flers. It's a complex with 5 restaurants/ cafes where hundreds of students eat at a time. Outside you catch a wiff of  the pungent odour of pot. On your left, la bibliotheque centrale (main library) stands, with its angular walls and cubic design,  which is a haven from rainy weather. As you go past the security booth, take the stairs up to the first floor. Notice the group study tables sprawled out across the room and the low-level shelves. Try to grab a window seat next to the enormous internal windows looking up into the usually rainy sky. Let's now go to Batiment A… [3minutes later]...this is an enormous complex, so remember to bring your student diary or campus map with you. The labyrinthian building is divided into sectors-4 in total. As you walk past the large crowd of students smoking at the entrance, take a left and you'll see the Kino Cinema, which screens mainstream movies for student prices. If you want to, stay to the left and climb the one-of-many stairs and you can check out the Ulysse cafĂ© for international students. Very welcoming, with little frames of images of flags from all over the world. Be sure to buy a croissant. Oh, before we continue, are there any questions? Yes-
Exchange student: I've heard that the next AG (assemble generale--meetings for planning protests) is in Bat B, 102 at midi. I need to visit the bank then, but what happens generally?

Guide: 'Great question. AG's are very interesting times where you get to hear the opinions of many different students before a vote is taken on 'manifestations' or protests that are planned to take place at 14h00 or there abouts. 

Usually, the megaphone is needed as a few hundred students can be a little noisy, particularly if they don't agree with the speaker. I'm pretty sure there will be an AG tomorrow, so you should be check it out. Well, that’s probably enough questions for now--we really need to keep moving we still have Batiments E, M, R and B to see! '

And I think we'll leave it there :D

(a blockage or 'blocus' made by students who either are politically active or like encouraging wagging. )

[this tour was entirely fictional. No such tours exist. Enjoy improving your French dramatically in your quest to find your class. Oh, by the way. You're 20 minutes late already.]

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Anonymous said...

vury nice!

Anonymous said...

Luckily we somehow managed to complete this academic year without too much agitation, far from being the case 2 years ago! AG was a routine;) People grew tired of it, and anyway, (my viewpoint) there was no point in doing it, they simply kept raging against government's actions, and preventing students from attending class. Exams got first cancelled, then postponed. That year was a great mess, really...

Otherwise, good post, you capture people's feelings when going to Lille 3, for the 1st time.

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