Just had a random thought, so I wanted to quickly write it down before I forget. (Speaking of writing, I've recently started using one of those small notepads which slip into your pocket, eg. Moleskin. It's so useful for french vocab and spontaneous ideas. There I go, on a tangent again hehe. )
I wanna talk a bit about my dad.

I was fazing off a few minutes ago -- for not the first time in my life-- and starting thinking how great my dad is. He listens. He plays sport with me and my sibs. When I was doing Yr11 he helped me with maths which was brilliant. He's helped me plan financially a bit with coming to France. He respects me like an unique individual. He taught me about God and bought me my first study Bible in NKJV (don't ask) when I was about 12 which I absolutely loved. I felt so grown up. He gives me carefully thought-out advice, and even though I might disagree with him sometimes, he generally states his opinion with care and humility.

Sure, he's not perfect. Hey, the theme of  'son tries to avoid the mistakes of his father' seems to permeate Western film. I could easily make a list here of all the things I want to try to avoid 'when I grow up' which I think is a problem with Dad. What would that achieve? I'd be full of myself. If anyone made a list of my flaws I think I might die. But here's the thing: my dad says sorry. That's a big deal. To admit you've not done things ideally and you recognise that you hurt others or inconvenienced them. That's something I want to aspire to, being humble and willing to lose face to make up.

I'm interested to see how our relationship continues to grow from little-boy-asking-a-million-questions to 'dad-can-you-loan-me-some-money' to 'what-do-you-think-dad?-I-don't-know-what-to-do' to man-to-man. I'm not suggesting that I'll stop asking advice--far from it. I just lacked the words to better explain the phases of me being a son and Dad being a dad.

I don't know what your dad is like, but you could be wishing you had my dad! I don't know if my dad is up for adopting, but you could try lol. For those of you who haven't really had a decent dad in your lives, I wanna say I'm sorry for you. I really am. Having a dad I can trust has been so good. It's kinda helped me 'get' what God is like. I don't know if you hate your dad or love him. I don't know if there's something between you both. I tell you it hasn't been always a smooth ride for me either. But for me reconciliation has been so worthwhile. Not to mention that I'm kinda still depending on him for a load of dough while in France. :D Why not post a quick reply of something you do like about your dad?

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Anonymous said...

I like Dad cause he wanted a big family and was blessed with one! He is very switched on as well with how to interpret the Bible. Thanks Dad!

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