Authors who have influenced me and why

Hi everyone! It has been a while, hasn't it? Well, I hope to be bashing out a few blogs soon, as I've got something to say. Feel to free to comment! I love feedback. To kick off this series of blogs, I'm starting off with a response to Matilda's Wonderland to write a list of authors who have influenced me or that I really like. Enjoy! And feel free to respond with your own list! :D

(No particular order) 

1. Lewis Carroll --creative novelist. Stretched my imagination as a teen and opened the door to being a little bit silly in writing and ideas. 

2. Jane Austen--A very observer of her society. Homorous and punchy at the same time. Helped me observe people and their behaviour. 

3. JRR. Tolkien--Great creative novelist. Developed my imagination and stirred the inner explorer in me. 

4. Robert Ludlum. Author of the Bourne series. Helped me develop my novel writing skills. 

5. Paul the apostle--Helped me know Jesus better. That makes him my favourite author. 

6. Don Carson-- Very incisive, well-thought writer about the christian living in an imperfect world. 

7. The Metaphysical poets--reading these poets helped me 'get' english lit. 

8 C. S. Lewis.-- Helped me stay a christian with his book 'Mere Christianity', demonstrating that being a Christian is far from a brainless exercise.

9. Josh McArthur --Helped me understand how to evaluate evidence for worldviews, particularly Christianity. 

10. Tim Chester --Helped me think more biblically about changing my bad habits and develop good ones. 

11. Charles Dickens-- Helped me love describing things in sometimes wimsical ways. 

12. John Bunyan -- Helped me understand the incredible power of well-chosen analogies. 

13. Bill Watterson --Entertained me. And still does with his hilarious witty comics. 

14. Frank Peretti  --A contemporary novelist who knows how to churn out a good thriller. 

15. Larry Crabb --Helped me to see how broken people are how psychology needs to be coupled with correct     assumptions, otherwise the real issue is merely given a band-aid. 

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