God is my story.

I am the eldest of 5 kids in a Christian family. I knew of Jesus from a very young age. However, I really can't say " I 'got saved' / 'chose to be a Christian' on this particular day" since it was a gradual process. But if I was asked to explain my story at an event of some sort this is what I'd like say.

I always knew I was bad and that God had been my rescuer through Jesus, his son. But whether I had truly, consciously relied on Jesus as being the only way to be reconciled to God is another matter. What I want to focus more on is first, what is the gospel and then what has God been doing in my life.

Well, I now understand the gospel-- God's good news-- to be quite simple. But at the same time quite life-changing. God required me to simply "believe" in Jesus Christ. Believe not only that he was who he said he was-- no less than the son of God-- but also that I had deeply failed and rejected God as my loving Maker and king. Believe that Jesus was my rescuer from the muck I was in: constantly giving God the 'cold shoulder'.Not really living for much other than myself. Death. I need to be saved from all those things. When Jesus died on the cross like a criminal he took away God's anger that I deserved and died as a criminal like I deserved. To be saved, I need to believe that Jesus was made alive again and now lives to "speak on my behalf"-- kind of like in a court of law. That is the Gospel which I believe.

God doesn't just save people. He does it for a reason. He does it so that we could love him and live for him. (This is kind of like this analogy: An employee working as best as he can for his boss. But with God, we are not doing it 'for the money' but because God made us and deserves our attention and life.) So, I want to tell you how God is making me better able to do this.

God wants me to be like him in how I live my life. He is gradually changing many of my deep, self-encrusted attitudes which are not what he wants. To do this God has sent his 'Holy Spirit' into my heart and is quite changing me. I can see as I look back over the past few years that I have become less argumentative, less begrudging, less 'hard' in what I think and do. I'm not saying I've 'let go and let God'--it's really been hard work, changing wrong behaviours and attitudes. I believe that God also gives me courage when it's unpopular to talk about Jesus with my mates, though sometimes I chicken out. But God has definitely started making me the person he wants me to be.

What about you? Any comments?


Irish-Girl said...

( I finally found your blog sleepy owl ^^ )

Interesting reading :)
But how do you know that "you were bad" ?
( Ok you don't have to answer that question. I'm just curious. )
Anyway. I'm gonna read your other articles ehe ^^


P.S: if you ever go to my blog PLEASE don't correct my english. Thanks :)

Mrbonchapeau said...

Cool -thanks Irish Girl :P
As I young kid I soon learned that I was bad when I kept disobeying my parents cos I wanted to. I was selfish and sometimes lied to get out of trouble. But even now as an adult, I'm still convinced that I'm not good enough to get into heaven. Actually, my 'badness' is a symptom of a broken friendship with God (and consequently with others too). If I ignore my creator then I can make my own rules which means snubbing others when it suits. When I recognise my need for God and the respect and love he deserves then that implies a change in attitude about others whom he has made.

did that make sense?

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