Fast and furious pt2

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Why are the underlying reasons why I get frustrated?
Often, I have idealistic expectations of things or others. Case example: if I leave for Strathfield train station at 9:25am, I'll have enough time to catch the 9:40pm train to Auburn. So I arrive with 5 minutes to spare, only to see the ticket line is a mile long. Fat chance of catching the train on time. I had an idealistic expectation that things would be fast and smooth, but that didn't happen. So the frustration is mainly with my circumstance and myself: why did it have to be *today* of all days? Why didn't I leave a little bit earlier? And so I feel bad for the rest of the trip. I let it fester.

Another underlying reason, I think, is that I like to blame. Blame myself, blame others, blame God. Another factor which links with false expectations is inflexibility. 'My way is the right way', and if it isn't done that way, then my inflexible expectations aren't met, and I look for someone to blame. On a different tack, people often let us down though. Deep down, ultimately, I think whenever I get frustrated it's God who I'm angry with. Why? Well, he's supposed to be in control of everything--why did he let it happen? Is God either holding out on me or is he just inept? I think that's the subconscious logic behind frustration for me. Idealistic expectations. Inflexibility. Blame God.

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Anonymous said...

Why, Mark, you have quite the serious blogging going on. It's amazing you have time for uni...oh wait, uni students don't have to do anything other than show up at the final exam! Hehe

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