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So is God either holding out on me or is he just inept? It's a big question. I'll have a hack at the answer, but click for  further discussion on God's care for us and God's ablilty to control events (sovereignty) . The answer to this question really depends on your idea of God, of course. I'm going to just be refering to the Christian God here, but it would be an interesting question to put to other beliefs about God. Well, in short, I believe that God is fully in control and, at the same time, cares for me personally. In the words of 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV), " Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. " Nothing I go through will be unnoticed by God the Father. He cares about me and you. What a beautiful thought! So God's not holding out on me then, but is he all heart but still incompetent? God created the world! God reached down to humanity when it wouldn't reach up to him. That is one incredible expression of competence. Maybe the problem is God doesn't do what we want him to. Our priorities are different to his. Also, our experience is complicated by another factor: sin's consequences. When we lie, people don't trust us as much. When we waste our boss' time, we may not get the promotion that was coming to us. Crudely put: when we do stupid stuff, bad things happen. Personally, I'm very good at forgetting that a lot of negative stuff that I experience is my fault. But the temptation to blame someone else rears its ugly head, and so I blame God. So, hard as it is, I need to admit that I'm a fallure and that I blame God for stuff unfairly. Having said all that, where to from here?

Whether a Christian or not, bad stuff happens to us. It's a sad reality in our world, right? So, I think it's only right to call a spade a spade, if you pardon the expression. When you see something bad in the world, there's something not quite right with justifying it by saying 'God is doing something good behind it'--our response has to have some sadness and disappointment, right? But for Christians, this disappointment is qualified by the understanding that God has indeed orchastrating good in every circumstance in our lives. This is a complex reality to comprehend for the thoughtful Christian, so it mustn't be oversimplified or misapplied by saying 'God will make you well [physically] or make things go according to plan'.  Check out Romans 8:28-39. It's about becoming more like Jesus--living more God-centred. But what if you don’t really buy into the Christian version of God? What if you don't believe in a god at all? If you don't believe in a personal god, then, as far as I can see, it's right to be frustrated-- the dice hasn't rolled in your favour for like the millioneth time! But surely this isn't a great way to live, always getting frustrated? Surely it makes you think that life was meant to be better than that? As for those of you who believe in another God(s) than the one Christians follow, I'd be interested to open the forum for discussion on what you reckon God(s) thinks about bad stuff that happens in your life. Hey guys, thanks for reading and hope to hear your thoughts!

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I love that bit in Romans 8:37 about being "more than conquerers". While it is true that there are frustrations in our lives, and I'm sure Jesus got upset with his creatures while on Earth, we need to remember God loves us more than we can fathom. He wants us to be in proper relationship with him and other people around us. This means he is going to prune us of our selfish habbits and tendencies. It'll hurt, but how else will we grow?

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