Fast and furious pt1

Ever discovered your favourite show has been rescheduled? Ever waited for 20 minutes for a 'friend' at a café before realising she won't turn up? Ever had enormous expectation placed on you by a parent, friend or boss only to let them down? I have. If you're like me, you would have experienced that emotion we all know and love: frustration. Frustration. Whether it's because information we were given was wrong, people have let us down (or vis versa) or things just don't work, we all have experienced frustration, right? Why? Well, personally, I get frustrated because I had an expectation that wasn't met, simply put. But frustration usually eats at me. I start thinking I'm quite right in being angry about [insert name] that person or [insert name] that thing. And so I'm negative, irritated and angry. Should I be? Hmm. Ultimately, when I'm frustrated, what or who am I really angry with? In the following posts, I'm going to reflect on frustration's expression, its cause, and its solution.

When you get frustrated, what do you do? Usually I'm thinking:  I'm right; they're wrong--and so I tell them. If only they hadn't done/said so-and-so…then it would be OK, etc. I'm sure you'll agree being frustrated is not nice for anyone, whether for the coach who's feeling the pressure, or the players who are getting blasted by the coach. Givers and receivers both cop it when frustration is involved. Frustration can be expressed in variety of forms. It could be the silent treatment (this one hurts the most for me), getting yelled at, swearing your head off, punching a hole through a wall,etc. Not that you or I would do any of those things. No, no. But if we're honest, frustration has unhealthy consequences and we've seen them. Whether it's lower self-esteem, other's hurt feelings, or just a 'bad day', we'd be better off without frustration, right? I'd like to suggest that to get rid of frustration there are some deep issues lying under the surfac e of a situation which need to be addressed. But what, exactly?

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