You are what you wear?

I like doing things differently every so often. So the other day, after chatting in french with a mate over some coffee, I entered a very posh clothing shop. Giorgio Armani. Ring a bell anyone? No, didn't think so. We're all uni students/ poor. Anywho…
The staff were obviously dressed in very expensive clothing, and I tried not to look surprised. As I browsed, all the while feeling very out of place, I mainly focused on clothing's texture and price. I was amazed as I looked at the fluro yellow T-shirt for $180 or the silken-soft scarf for $190. The faux-leather jacket for $599 or there abouts, or the woolen jacket for $799, I think. Or was it $899? I am pretty sure that the whole time I was browsing one of the staff was keeping a very close eye on me, sus-ing me out. It wasn't the most comfortable feeling I've had in my life, haha.

Upon further reflection, I realise I've managed to 'collect' a lot of high quality clothing (a lot from op shops mind you!) over the years, and that's God's provision--so thanks God! But the truth is, a lot of my clothes are not big brands like Giorgio Armani (shock, horror) I really feel like even when I'm earning 100K as an engineer it would seem overly extravagent/ self-indulgent for me to spend $180 for a guy-scarf. Would I be doing it for status? Or would I be buying into that brand because I genuinely thought that it best suited my needs? I'm pretty sure I would have mixed motives. But is it ok to buy exorbitantly expensive clothing when it's hard to get/ you like it? What do you think? What about cars/ houses? I'm interested to see what your thoughts are :)


Axfangli said...

Hey Mark! Looks like you've settled into the blogging business quite well. :-) Your posts have the same 'voice' that I think I would hear from you in person!

Anyway, no, I can't say I'm familiar with Giorgo Armani... :-) I haven't fully thought about how to consider cost in purchases yet, but I personally don't see "hard to get" as a useful measure, since it I don't think it has any bearing on the comfort/style -- unless we get a kick out of owning something that others don't, I suppose! But in any case, I can't remember the last time I saw someone else wear something that I own (not counting uniforms, club T-shirts, etc.)

"I like it" would be a strong motivator, I reckon... but I'd try to find something cheaper that has a similar effect first. If nothing else is at par with it, then, well, I think a luxurious treat once in a while is ok. Just have some common sense and don't get carried away into starry-eyed idolization (think Apple fans, lol)... I'm sure our friends and family will help with that!

Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

Sze Howe

Mrbonchapeau said...

lols about my writing sounding like me :)
thx 4 ya comment SZ :)

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