Some of you are probably wondering, why on earth blab out what I lie about? Well, I seriously  believe that admitting I've stuffed up is actually healthy for me. Of course, it may not be wise to blab everything I've ever lied about to the world. But it really is good for me. I've experienced it: confession to people I've lied to is a fantastic way of building trust and reconciliation. Not only between me and my neighbors, workmates, friends and family, but also to God. Particularly with God.

 But the catch is this: confession means that you lose face. You say that you've stuffed up. But more than that, confession means that you are saying 'That was wrong, I agree with you.' How many times have you seen in a movie an angry couple blaming each other, and then the other partner replies 'Well, I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't blah blah blah' That's not confession. They're just excusing themselves.

As a follower of Jesus, I need to remind myself 'if I'm not confessing, I'm not really a Christian'. Being a follower of Jesus is all about my need for Jesus to save me from being a liar. From a self-righteous pig. From being full of myself. If I don't admit that, then I can't be saved. It would be like a boy drowning in a dam and refusing to grab a rope his dad has thrown him because he thinks he's OK. 

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