Testdrive! Not TopGear, sorry revheads.

I had a hilarious experience the other day when I
was chatting with an Indian friend of mine and he thought
I had gone all the way to Sydney to do my driving lessons.
Logically, of course, since I was talking all about Testdrive.
Disappointingly for you revheads out there, Testdrive has
nothing to do with cars. I know what you're thinking.
What on earth is Testdrive then?

Testdrive is a cross-culture evangelistic training event that
runs for 3-5 days in cities like Sydney and Perth. During my
1-week Testdrive, I learned to do things I had never done
before, got challenged about my cultural assumptions and
prejudices, as well as spoke to more muslims than I have
ever done in my life!

Testdrive profile
Operations: leafletting, prayer walking,
culture-adjustment, eating lots of
Baklava (yummy turkish slices), RAK
(random acts of kindness), giving away
free DVDs of Isa as well as Injuls. Oh,
and eating more Baklava.
Head count: Five (5) people got
involved at Sydney Testdrive which was
disappointing. But of course, numbers
aren’t everything and we became a closeknit
Let’s say that debriefing was fun!
Status: 4.5/5 Was a great training
experience. Regular debriefing. Regular
pitstops for eating more baklava. I would
highly recommend anyone in Perth who
is keen about the Gospel of Jesus go on
this training series which runs from 23-25 July.

A field case of a conversation with a muslim

Mark: G'day, I'm Mark. (Shake hands. Peace be upon you.)
My friend Sean and I are from Holy Teaching, and we are
offering free DVDs about the life of Isa Al-Masih [Jesus].
Would you like one?

Ahmad: Ah, ok. Are you some sort of muslim group?

Mark: Ah (laughs), no, no... We are followers of Isa Almasih,
peace be upon him. We read the holy book called the Injul [New Testament of the Bible]--
have you read some of the holy books?

Ahmad: Ah yes, I've read a lot of them. But I mostly read the Qu'ran.

Mark: Did you know that the Qu'ran talks about Isa and the Injul?

Ahmad: Oh, yes, Isa was one of the holy prophets of Allah (the most merciful). But the difference between you Christians and us Muslims is that we believe Jesus was not the son of God. We believe God is one--how could God have a son?

Mark: Ah, but as followers of Isa, we also strongly believe that Allah is one. He is the only one, true God.

Ahmad: (slightly surprised) Oh, you know, you are the first Christians to say that God is one. I've heard from others that there are three gods. Ah, and the Injul… I've only read a bit; anyway, much of that holy book has been corrupted over the centuries….

[Disclaimers: Ahmad is not his real name. Muslims we spoke to weren't as directly contradictory as depicted here. I wrote it like this to quickly give the jist of how my conversation went.]


Mrbonchapeau said...

Er, yes. Sorry about the late notice for the Perth Testdrive. But hey, if you can make it, it will be well worth it...

Chappo said...

Shouldn't that be "weren't as directly contradictory" ?

Mrbonchapeau said...

thank you sir :)

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