10 Quick Questions about going to France

  1. What do they eat? Croissants and Cheese. Lots of cheese. Oh, and of course snails.
  2. Am I watching the Tour de France? Of course!
  3. What am I most looking forward to in France?Meeting the Lindores family after emailing them for so long!
  4. What am I doing in France?Studying 'Les Lettres Modernes' --culture and language studies, planning to get enrolled in an engineering school (see prayer points) as well as help out with the local french 'evangelical' church. I also would like to get involved with the christian university student movement, Groupe Biblique Universite. Lots to look forward to. I'll be in France until roughly June 2011.
  5. Why haven't I left for France yet? I'm still in Sydney mainly because my VISA is dependent on getting my enrolment organised first. It is much better to get VISA while in Australia than while in France!
  6. What's the coolest french phrase I know? Je m'en balance… (~I don't care) I actually discovered recently (edit 23/5/11) that this is extremely rude so I don't say it any more. I'd say je  m'en fiche. 
  7. How does my family feel about me leaving them for 10 months? Some members couldn't be happier haha! But anyway… my parents are quite supportive of my heading off, though they do feel a bit sad.
  8. What will I miss while in France? Definitely not vegemite :) Well, I think I'll start to miss my family in France (But sorry, at the moment, I'm quite enjoying my independence.) I'll definitely miss my uni friends. I'll miss Unichurch and kidschurch. And I'll miss playing (and losing terribly) Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) with my bro.
  9. What's the most common joke people make about me going to France?
  10. That I'll find a french girlfriend. All I think is ' how original…' lols
  11. What do I hope to gain by being in France? Good question. Obviously, I'd like to be proficient in writing and speaking french by the end of 10 months. But more than that, I would like to make friends for life in France. If I don't go back, I'd like to make friends with whom I at least keep in contact with. Furthermore, I want to rethink church and mission while in France: 'what does it mean to follow Jesus in another culture?

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Anonymous said...

Je m'en balance what others think Mark, you are pretty cool. Keep up the posts! You must have a lot of time on your hands. God Bless you!

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