Deep breath. Breath out. Ok, let's start first blog.
Short and sweet.

I'm excited about going to France--who wouldn't be--it's really quite hard to put my finger on it, but there is a sense of wild adventure about it all...

There's a rite of passage about it for starters. And what a coincidence, the day I'm leaving my family in Perth is July 4th. Independence Day in USA. How convenient. I'm not sure that I'll suddenly become an adult while away from home, but I think I will grow in different ways away in contrast to if I stayed home for the next year.

The unknown. Some people like everything planned out. You know the type? Schedules, timetables, planned activities,etc. Well, it's going to be interesting, as going on exchange will disrupt many of my routines back at home. You could argue it's a good thing--gives opportunity to re-evaluate my goals and priorities. And, I've been told that it's a good thing to say 'yes' to anything that I'm invited to do there! Want to go to Lyon for the weekend? Sure! Want to test all the cafes in Paris? Er...sure (forget sleep)! It's sure going to be an exploration. Better get my adventure gear...

Grief. I think this is mainly true for my mum. She sees that I'm growing up, coming of age. I think grief will hit me once I've been in France for a month or something. But I'm pretty sure homesickness will set in, despite having Skype.


Pedro Wazelski said...

I want you to go away so that you write more in your blog! Does that sound weird? Love you Mark!

Sheid said...

So tomorrow's the big day, huh?? Sounds awesome!! I'm sure you'll have a whale of a time - there'll be so much cool stuff to do and see.
... Just with the 'Say Yes' principle, keep in mind that you should 'Say NO to drugs'. Heh heh.

Looking forward to some great stories!

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